About Om Parvat

Om Parvat is the sole mountain amongst the eight mountain ranges that has been discovered and scaled successfully. One of the many reasons for its name is the miraculous impression of ‘Om’ symbol which can be seen on it. Because it is something that you would not believe if someone told you, many people from all over the world visit Om Parvat only to see it with their own eyes. Some pilgrims have even said that when it snows, it takes the shape of ‘Om’.It is situated in the Kumaun Himalaya, near the Tibetan and the Nepal border of India.

The nature and the appearance of the Om Parvat speak for its sacred disposition in Hinduism. When the snow falls, many devotees say that it takes the shape of the symbol Om. Primordial sound of the symbol is ‘Aum’ which is also the sound of the sun as per various scientific studies.

The mountain is located at the Indo-Nepalese border which means it is a matter of discord between Nepal and India. The division of Om Parvat between two countries is depicted as the sacred part of the Parvat lies in India whereas the rest of the mountain lies in Nepal.

Where is Om Parvat?

Located at a short-distance from Kutti to Nabidhang, Om Parvat is close to Nabidhang and Adi Kailash in the kumaun Himalayan Mountain range in Pithoragarh district, Uttrakhand, India. Om Parvat holds sacred importance among the devotees of Lord Shiva. The snow that falls on this mountain takes the shape of the symbol ‘Om’ which is why it is one of the most visited pilgrimage places for people all over the world. ‘Om’ is a sacred symbol in the Hindu religion. 

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